I experienced the Yeezy Casting #Season4

After recalling the events of last season's open call and the absurdly hilarious guidelines, Kanye West decides to host yet another 2-day casting for this year's NYFW, debuting Wednesday, September 7th, 2016. Hoping to relieve some of the curiosity, as well as the chance to potentially be in #Season4 (because, why not?), I attended with a couple of girlfriends. 

We optimistically arrived at about 10:45AM, reassured that the line won't be too long as doors open at 11AM. Obviously, that was the biggest understatement of the century if one knew of Kanye West's reputation as an artist. We approached the Studio where a beeline of diverse women were already eagerly waiting, wrapping around the avenue. In the early Fall-like Sunday morning, the throng of women looked effortlessly beautiful, all sorts of hairstyles blowing in the wind, outfits ranging from athleisure-wear and comfortable sneakers (#teamadidas) to weekend-ready high heels and let's not forget the bare faces, as emphasized in the casting post. 

More friends joined us as it approached noon but we've only reached about halfway through the warping and ever growing line; photographers, journalists and casting directors pulled some of the ladies away for a brief photoshoot. Every now and then, agency or Instagram models strolled nonchalantly with their posse, as the rest of us watched them come out of the building 15 minutes later; that is how this industry works and I gradually began to question why I came in the first place, fighting for a spot against 6ft models whose face and bodies have been featured in Vogue and Elle. Yet, I lingered in good company, denying defeat as I've already spent (wasted?) 3 hours. Thoughts of brunch and food came to and fro as we contemplated if it was worth waiting any longer. Eventually, we somehow arrived at the building's entrance and was led to an elevator. Once upstairs, we were met by another beeline, winding down a grey corridor to the photo studio. 

Once in the studio at around 4PM, I was grateful to finally be in the buzz of things and watched as each subject posed for the photographer. My turn came: I stood over where I was told to, *snap*, turned for a profile view, *snap*, got a couple of close ups, *snap*, and was instructed to say into the camera, "I love Kanye West," *snap*. After all the waiting game, my shoot lasted under the span of 1 minute...that's it. 


Around 4:50 PM I left anxiously as I saw a thick crowd of women still waiting outside the doors, shouting angrily to be let in. I wormed my way way into the streets, now full of people as cars came to a full stop; things have clearly escalated, however, my grumbling stomach and tired legs didn't allow me to wait around and see what was going to happen.

The energy ranged greatly throughout the waiting period, although the lingering awe and support from one woman to the another remained. Despite spending more time than anticipated, I took this event as a social experiment, shamelessly immersed within a hopeful crowd from all over the nation to get into the complex and competitive industry of fashion, catered to the privileged few. Do I expect to be casted? I'd like to say yes, but after Sunday's event and a taste of the environment I could potentially be in, I've come to realize I'd much prefer to stay in my lane. 

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