How I Grew My Instagram and Blog.

I began blogging in 2013 after I graduated from college however, things didn't pick up until the fall of 2014. I'm not close to where I want to be but I've enjoyed every step and constantly learning from my experiences and from those around me. I've received plenty of questions on my bogging "secrets" and how to begin blogging so I wanted to share my (shameless) journey :D
My top 5 advice are as follows:

  1. Find Your Niche: I started blogging out of my passion for writing and helping people; I was doing a lot of personal entries on careers and relationships at the time and loved it. As I continued my craft, and what I tell everyone who wants to start blogging, you will undeniably also grow in your interests. You're human, it's bound so accept and embrace each phase of who you're becoming ! Fresh out of college, I was on a journey to explore my individuality, passions and talents and organically delved into natural hair world in 2014. My blog and Instagram took a major rerouting from that point on as I met so many incredible people and soon, companies, who wanted to work with me. 
  2. Take Initiative/"Fake it till you make it": I had already been following several blogs religiously before I understood that these girls were actually making a profit from it. I was only toying with the idea and realistic about where I stood as a newbie blogger. I knew I wasn't going to miraculously be contacted by anyone so I purchased a 2-month stationary subscription box and reviewed it. I also posted some DIY outfits and thrifted gems, which to my surprise, received a small buzz from my readers. A few months later, I was contacted to do my first review for a jewelry subscription company.
  3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: I considered myself a shy person until blogging came around. As comfortable as it was, I would've missed out on so many amazing opportunities if I didn't leave my safe place. Luckily, New York is networking-galore, whether you're in the subway, out in the city or at an event, each connection you make can potentially be very valuable for your future. I participated in various creative collaborations with artists and volunteered for brands and photographers looking for models. It wasn't about money more than it was about exposure and experience. With a small deck of business cards and my T3i, I scouted events weekly and attended popups of my favorite IGers, curly hair meetups to fashion launches. I literally had to get out my comfort zone to meet the right people as I kept seeing familiar faces and built new friendships and relationship with prospective clients. 
  4. Quality>Quantity: Invest, invest, invest ! Whether it's allocating time to create & schedule weekly or saving up to get the new gizmos for cleaner content, nurture your blog with quality; similarly, you may eventually want to purchase a hard drive for all your media. Make sure your content stays true to your aesthetics and voice; there is only one you and that is your power. 
  5. Stay Inspired & Keep Creating: From taking initiatives, documenting events and drafting posts, blogging requires discipline. Before you make any excuses about why you can't, make an inventory of what/whom you have to catapult one other to the next level: models, photographers, videographers, stylists, PR, entrepreneurs, artists...Remember your goal so that you can keep track and make the right moves towards it! It's a creative field so don't fear bringing your concepts to the table and presenting it to the right people. It's a feeling like no other once you reap your rewards but as you build an audience, you have to be consistent in your crafts.

If you have any more questions, please comment below or message me, I'd love to help out ! Talk soon :)