Bucketlists into #BlackGirlCreative

It has happened! July has truly been the peak, the best and the busiest month of my year: I was in Houston for a family vacation (vlog HERE), I was featured in Cosmopolitan for an epic hair-braiding tutorial (HERE), I worked during CurlFest with Palmers for the second year in a row, I co-created and hosted my very first event, #BlackGirlCreative, alongside some amazing ladies and, finally, I was on my very first panel, #CreativeIsSheEdition ! Every single week was filled with events, meet-ups, photoshoots and matcha dates to go over details.

For the past year, I've *dreamed* of throwing my very first event. I didn't exactly know how or for what, I knew I just wanted to get a bunch of my amazingly talented friends under one roof to share stories and skills. The reason this was a major bucket-list of mine was because I started my blogging journey by stepping out of my box and networking, most of the time alone, to meet people, connect and, hopefully, collaborate to elevate; I'm a strong believer in creating friendships and elevating each other. There's so much we can learn from each other. 

Earlier this year, around February, I was talking it over with my girls (whom I met on Instagram) and we went from toying with the idea to executing it #IRL. At first, I'll admit the excitement was short-lived as the venue search began and we got quoted for a budget we were not anticipating. We decided to go small-scale, a picnic or BBQ, with close friends, although we all wanted much more. Discouraged, the hype eventually died down and it seemed that the event wasn't going to happen until Ana locked one of our favorite cafes in the LES, SpreadHouse, after winning their cup drawing contest ! From that point, in May, it was crunch time as I began reaching out to my favorite brands for sponsorships, scheduling photoshoots with the girls and finalizing the details with the cafe. 

Our event was initially a simple meet & greet but we wanted it to be more meaningful for our attendees. After sharing our experiences in the field of social media and the inequality and underrepresentation of black women in media, we found commonality in being #BlackGirlCreative, and so it was ! We had a total count of about 130 guests in attendance, supplied with 75 goody bags from our sponsors. The event included a roundtable talk, lots of mingling and delicious cocktails inspired by us ("Lilas Lychee" anyone?) It was magical being surrounded by so much beautiful energy.

I'm so proud of my team, Ana, Bobo, Mairaly from Puerto Rico and Keith, as well as my dope media crew, Jaleel, Chris and Ashton on photography and Kervin and Will doing videography. I also have to thank our incredible sponsors, @CurlKeeper, @MyDevaCurl, @Palmers and @KtchnApoth for their support and introducing our guests to some of our favorite products ! Lastly, humongous thanks to Krystie from SpreadHouse Cafe who was a major help in bringing our #BlackGirlCreative vision and ambiance to life from beginning to end. Stay tuned for the recap video, and we hope to see you all at our next event :D

PS: The cafe has THE best matcha in town (I swear, drop Starbucks, ChillHouse and Cha Cha Matcha right now) !

 Photo by @JaleelMuss

Photo by @JaleelMuss