Canada, eh?


It's officially been my 3rd week here in Canada and...I've actually been enjoying it more than I thought. So, where am I, what am I doing and why?!

I'm in a cute little suburban town, Guelph, about 1.5 hours from Niagara Falls, and 1 hour from Toronto #the6ix. I'm doing a Master's Program in Capacity Development and Extension (beg your pardon?); in simpler terms, how to improve the livelihoods of people in all aspects in rural and marginalized communities. Having lived in the hustle & bustle of New York City for nearly all of my life has allowed this new chapter to be an unintended breathe of fresh air, a well-needed change of scenery. 

What have I learned so far?

Besides the tremendous amount of readings for class and the #adulting you have to do when you move to a new country, also shared below, I've picked up on some Canadian lingos and cultures within the first week: Guelphites are very amicable and grateful people, the credit card machine being brought to you for safety measures, the pain of 13% tax, using the term "washroom," calling teachers "profs," having a full bar on campus (how!), and the signature "eh?" that I might one day also adopt.

I've been extremely busy day to day with classes and by the evening I get to organize and decorate, something I find therapeutic and love doing. Sidenote: HomeSense, Bouclair and Structube have my heart ! I have a lot more exploring to do downtown, I don't count going to the DMV or Dollarama in an empty plaza the best of my adventures. I'm forever scouting local shops, cute cafรฉs and restaurants with aesthetics, but I also have to budget much more wisely #adulting.


This transition seems familiar,and surreal some days. Call me dramatic but it's as if I'm watching a character unfold, that I'm safe elsewhere, wherever I used to be. I miss my loved ones back home but, to be honest, home has recently been such a foreign word to me. My family are everywhere between New York, Tampa and Madagascar, and it's difficult having lived in your parents' home for nearly 25 years and suddenly they're also not there anymore. Right now, although I can't say New York is fully "home" anymore for that reason, I realized it's wherever I have loved ones. I don't know what the future holds, and I have so much more I want to share but, like you, I'm simultaneously in the process of unveiling myself, to me.