I told you I would so I did my first DIY summer shorties, *claps and shoulder pat*. How to?

  1. Find yourself some mommy/high-waisted jeans;
  2. Top left picture: Grab a pen or Sharpie to estimate desired length; (fyi: unless you have already planned to have your cheeks out, leave more than enough fabric then work your way up)
  3. With both legs cut off, mark where you want distress slits;
  4. Scissors: "pinch" the fabric to make a slit (or slits, to your liking);
  5. Top right & bottom left: Use a box-cutter for smooth, straight and quick cuts;
  6. Optional: fold and stitch the bottom for a cleaner look, it will fray otherwise;
  7. Clean up and wash&dry!
  8. Optional: repeat step 7 for more fraying and worn out look.

Ta-dah! Catch this bad boy in action, outfits coming soon ! :)