Fall Staple Shoes

It's official: I am a shoe-holic. Can you blame me with all the cheap finds I come across? Soon, we will be waving good-bye to the summer as well as my beloved "Fake-enstocks" (knockoff Birkenstock) and series of many woven sandals. With that being said, Fall is underway and I have never been more ready. Meet Fall's verdicts:

One Monday, I ventured to Brooklyn (Atlantic Attic) with my boyfriend, mind you I've had my eyes (wallet?) set on a pair of white leather Converses; that's a budget of $70, give or take. Now these may not be leather, but they are as close to a bleached white as any thrift could ever get, exactly my size and only $10. Boom -mine!

Aldo decided to have their end-of-season sale while I was around the neighborhood, you know just an extra 50% off clearance. Two-tone with block heels for 20$? Yes, please.

Every time I visit my sister in Rochester, there are several mandatory stops: Goodwill/Salvation Army, Marshall's and Blue. Besides the struggle to find my size, New York City thrifts and department stores generally have a bad rep. Luckily, I found these quirky Steve Madden flatforms at Marshall's for $34.99.

Outfits coming soon!