I love accessorizing and how you can spice up an outfit from being too basic and bland. From midi rings to interesting hand-pieces/finger-bracelets and statement necklaces, balance is key. I was extremely excited when I was invited to join RocksBox, a jewelry subscription box with lots of shareable perks: you take a brief survey that determines your style and taste which then allows a stylist to put together a personalized box of designer jewelry. Sounds good, right? The fun part is, unlike other subscription membership I've encountered that are monthly, you have 60 days to loan the jewelry which consists of 3 unique pieces that you can wear out as much as you'd like (varies between necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings etc.) Prior to the end of this 60 day period, you must return all of the pieces in exchange for new ones (postage stamp included and free shipping!). However, if you happen to fall in love with any of them, you're given a monthly $10 "Shine Spend" that is used towards your purchase so you'd only pay the difference of the "Insider's Price" (claimed to be about 20% less than retailer price). 

My experience with my first box? As soon as I registered and completed the survey, I skimmed and added to my wish-list on RocksBox. Luckily, one of my wishlist items was included, and my favorite piece from my first set, the Diamond Lace Cuff in Gold (Vanessa Mooney): intricate design with class and versatility, and I have a thing for black and gold jewelry. It matched perfectly with the delicate Zoe Ring Set (Gorjana). The last piece I received was the Blackbird Collar Necklace  (House of Harlow 1960) in black and gold, which was probably my least favorite, although still a lovely necklace.