Pok Pok Madagascar

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate for a photo shoot with the Malagasy brand, Pok Pok Madagascar. Discovered by Andrianina and Fitia in 2012, these cousins shared a common love for their country, fashion and handicrafts. Pok Pok items includes clothing, bags & clutches and accessories.

This was my very first collaboration abroad and I'm so happy it was at home in Madagascar with such an inspiring brand. After researching Malagasy fashion, I began following the brand prior to booking my trip, yet it seemed to have all fallen into place and everything worked out successfully with an incredible team ! The December 2016 Look Book featured a collection of lightweight and detailed kimonos, along with several bags and clutches. #VitaGasy

For the full photoshoot, check out their Facebook here !

Directors/Owners: Andrianina & Fitia
Photographer: Eric Razafimbelo (Site)
Models: Lilas Mia, Juliana Bemirary Déborah Covin & Soafara Rajaomilison