Thrifty Queen

I was at the dentist and it happens so that one of the Buffalo Exchange locations was around the corner (was it now...?) I went in, with no expectations to buy anything but, of course, I should have known me better. I love thrifting, however, if you're a New Yorker, you know that NYC "thrifts" aren't your typical suburban legitimate thrifts. Chains such as Beacon's ClosetBuffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading are more so consignment shops with prices higher than your suburban thrifts. I've visited the L Train Vintage which have greater selections of plaid and denim everythings without the sacrifice of prices; only flaw is that it's all aligned around the L train, which is out of the way coming from Queens. 

Did I mention I'm going to my first music festival in July ?! My shopping has unconsciously revolved around potential outfits so, here are my purchases:

Ribbed high-cut one-piece: $17

Silk high waist shorts: $14

Pink short shorts by Levi's (my first lil dukes!): $12.50