Grana: Chinese Silk

In the past when I've worn silk, the material was aways too slinky or thin that I can only wear it a couple of times before it looks worn out. Then came Grana, a Hong Kong-based company known for its modern fits, quality fabrics and great prices, founded in 2014 by partners, Luke Grana & Pieter-Paul Wittgen. What sets them apart from your average Joe? Each of Grana's fabrics are "sourced directly from the fabric mills in their countries of origin, send them straight to the manufacturer, and from there everything goes straight to our warehouse." Prepare for your expectations to be exceeded.

I'm so glad to have been given the opportunity to work with a great company for this collaboration. Grana's Chinese Silk is made by artisans in Huzhou, the โ€˜City of Silkโ€™. The material is spun into an extra strong 2-ply yarn for additional strength, dyed, sand-washed in a custom blend of small stones to obtain the signature lustre. Finally, it is carefully hand cut and pieced. How amazing and meticulously made! You can truly feel the luxurious quality of the Chinese silk, and I love how light it is and the soft feel against my skin. You can find my black Silk Blazer here, and make sure to check out their assortment of pieces for men and women from rompers, jeans, dresses and accessories etc.

Thank you Grana for sponsoring this post !

Featured Model: Anastasia Lovera

Photo: Curt Saunders