Curly Halo Natural Hair Care eBook

"I did not craft this workbook exclusively for Naturalistas, nor do I believe that natural hair is superior to other forms of hair dressing. Ultimately, you should style your hair in whatever way you feel comfortable with and is natural for YOU! ...If you wear weaves, extensions, hairpieces, and wigs, you are encouraged to use this workbook, as it will help you care for your hair, your scalp, and your edges."

Despite the amount of details from this guidebook, Curly Halo Natural Hair Care eBook by renowned film and television actress, Kimberly Elise, is meant to be convenient and useful on-the-go. Throughout the ebook, readers can expect author anecdotes in addition to 5 different worksheet references to keep track of their progress from weekly hair regimen to product ingredients. 

Since I stopped using heat nearly 2 years ago, I remember how frustrating it was at first to be told to "go natural" without knowing where to begin or who to consult. How could a stranger help me if I felt uncomfortable and discouraged to discuss my regimen? Curly Halo is perfect for a quick refresher and introductory manual to help understand your hair type, increase moisture and growth retention and how to read product labels to recognize which ingredients are helpful vs. harmful to your hair. I love the chapter on hair architecture and the structure of what's beneath our hair follicles and why moisturizing, cleansing and applying the right products really matter !

As from many of my conversations, trial and error is a huge and essential part of the journey that many people want to avoid; don't do it ! No waves, kinks or curls resemble another, therefore my advice and knowledge of my hair may not work on yours. I spray Dark & Lovely's sheen nectar spray at my ends prior to when I unravel my twists; after reading Curly Halo, I'll definitely be looking into making my own DIY hair spritz to maintain moisture throughout the day, especially with summer being around the corner. 

At the end of the ebook, you're provided with a hefty list of Youtubers/Bloggers with varying hair textures as well as natural haircare books. Thank you Toni, "elleax," for giving me a chance to go through this insightful read, and click below for a discount code for 50% for Curly Halo Natural Hair Care eBook for all the tips and tricks to get you started on your journey !