Face it...

I get approached often about how I maintain clear & flawless skin. This is not to brag and although I do have temporary hormonal/stress breakouts, I've been extremely blessed to not have acne prone skin. Furthermore, I'm highly selective about what I put on my face because I don't want to risk disturbing my skin. 

 Photo by Theo (@fstopkiller7)

Photo by Theo (@fstopkiller7)

Here are my top 5 face care products:

  1. Pond's Dry Skin Cream
  2. Clean and Clear: Morning Glow Moisturizer (discontinued years ago, only at Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon in bulk) 
  3. Palmers Skin Therapy Oil for Face
  4. Soy Face CleanserRose Face Mask by Fresh
  5. Aztec Secret: Indian Healing Clay

I have dry skin so in the wintertime, my favorite facial moisturizer is Pond's. This has been a staple since I got to the United States and my father kept making us use it. Now that I'm older, I've come to realize it's a gem. With its creamy richness and quality, a little goes a very long way. As if that's not enough, it also removes makeup ! I don't suggest it as your primary makeup remover but it does an impressive job.

I began trying out different moisturizers once I entered my teens (independent woman, say what?) and found my next product: Clean and Clear Morning Glow. Until college, I used this almost daily, if not alternatively with Pond's. It has SPF 15 which is great for daily sun protection, which many people ignore. Once applied, it has very subtle shimmer/sparkle in the moisturizer, which I don't mind; this is perfect for summer when you want that glowy look without overdoing. 

Fast forward to today, I discovered another must-have: Palmer's Eventone face oil ! In earnest, one would think oil + face = BIG NO, but let me tell you, I'm in love with the light texture and subtle Palmer's signature cocoa smell. I've long been a fan their products since I used the Swivel Stick and Eventone Fade Creme for some scars and blemishes on my arms or legs. This oil dissolves into your skin fairly quick and leaves your face feeling revived.

I've noticed my pores more now, and currently still on the lookout for a sensitive skin toner or product to help reduce their appearance without drying my nose area; I hate my face feeling tight  or sting from alcohol-based product. Now, I don't cake or really care for makeup: my daily go-to's are E.L.F Eyebrow Kit, eyeliner and occasionally my favorite Nars or Marc Jacobs mascara. If I want to be a little more extra, I add a little lippy to brighten my face. That's all. Unless I'm doing a photoshoot or attending an event where I know will be photographed, I go extremely easy on my skin.

As for washing my face, I don't use any particular product, just splash some water and gently wipe my face. After a photoshoot, the gym or a long week are usually when I like to pamper myself. In addition to occasional hair product buildup, my hairline may start breaking out or shades/my glasses may cause oil to gather around my t-zone. I received samples of Fresh's products from Sephora, which are great for restoring moisture to sensitive skin; the rose mask smells amazing and helps balance out your skin tone. I alternate from a daily cleanser, light exfoliation, the soy cleanser + rose mask, Aztec clay mask + vinegar, as needed in order of minor to serious facial cleansing. I do suggest doing a combo cleansing once every 2 weeks to prevent breakouts and acne.

May your face be so fresh & so clean !