Curly Hair Journey (FULL!)

I've been meaning to write this for the longest time because it's been such a major part of who I've become, beyond blogging. Early in college, I was aware of my curls, mostly because of my sister. She was just beginning to discover products and styles and I happily let her experiment on me. Soon after, I accepted what was more convenient and easy over my own hair. It wasn't until post-college that I reverted back to my roots (literally!). Bear with me, the transition was not as pretty as I wish it to be but I want to be as honest as possible because I've only grown to love who I am more. So, yes, say it with me, the damage was REAL.

Happy FroDay, October 2014: I met some incredibly gorgeous ladies with true hair goals; I decided that I needed to give my hair a chance to bloom. I rediscovered Shea Moisture which has been one of my favorite line and attended more and more events. Also, around Winter of 2014, I was in a pilot series where I expressed my frustration with my hair at the time, and that realization/experience only pushed me to try harder for myself. I wanted change as much as I needed it.

February 2015: Going back thru my photos, I had another episode or two with the iron then I went cold turkey and completely stopped using heat. My hair wasn't curly no longer...just limp, wavy and confused. I lived on Shea Moisture and twistouts everyday which helped with some wave definition and length retention. I gave myself small trims to clip off the dead and straight ends that didn't match my new growth. It was Spring/Summer, which made it easier to do more protective styles. 

August 2015: I was going to Florida for the first time to visit my sister as well as a mini road trip with some friends. After 6 months of continuous maintenance and lots of TLC, I was ready for the responsibility and rewarded myself with a trim and going blonde. Completely. Thank God for Olaplex and the TLC because my hair was revived: my curls coiled so much more and my hair felt and looked livelier than it ever did with my natural hair color.

November 18th 2015: I had alot of family events coming such as baby showers, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas and New Years. After seeing my improvements and growth, I hesitated but went for the silkout at a salon in midtown, Journet, courtesy of my boyfriend. I love and missed the simplicity of straight hair so I savored the hairstyle by trying out new styles and extensions for a French braid.

Trial and error is the beginning and very necessary. Keep looking for products that work for your hair because you will have instances when it gets accustomed to a certain regimen and product, then causes your hairstyle to plateau. If you are dedicated to care for your hair, you can do anything you want to it. Make sure you give it more love after any harsh treatments or potential damage; maintenance is key!