$40 and 2 days (How-to Goddess Locs)

I've long wanted this style and have been on the lookout for salons and individuals who may be able to help me. Eventually, I was up for the challenge to try and do it myself, despite the fact that I've never had braids in my life or any other long-term protective style. After 2 days of intensive manual labor, I definitely felt accomplished once I saw my results, which gives me a bit more confidence on styling my own hair. I've consulted various people and rewatched YouTube videos before and during the process, so here's a quick recap in case you're interested in trying them out yourself !

What I used:

Janet Collection 3X Afro Twist Braiding in 4 (1 pack) } || Freetress Gogo Curl in 27 (1 pack) ||  Freetress Long Finger Roll Braid in 30 (1 pack)  || Nail/super glue (2 packs) || Scissors || Coconut oil || Tangle Teezer™ || Blueberry Curl Control Paste by Curls™

1. Sectioning and braiding your hair : (.5 day/5 hours)
Make sure you section well (rattail comb etc.), your partings will show later on and you want to make sure it's a clean job ! I added a little Control Paste to tame frizz and smooth down my roots then began braiding each small section of my hair until about 1 inch away from the end. Apply coconut oil to each braid for more moisture; I had a total of 29 sections/braids. 


2. Adding extensions/braiding hair : (.5 day/5 hours) 
Taking similar thickness as your natural hair, alternate between the Freetress Gogo Curl & Freetress Finger Roll hair as you braid them into your natural hair. Try to have it as smoothed-out and tangle free as possible. Once you start braiding it to your hair, it will have a few tangles which you can gently detangle with the Tangle Teezer. If you're unsure about this process, Youtube has many tutorials ! Also, make sure the braiding hair does not pull off with a simply tug,

3. Wrapping and sealing with Marley hair:  (1 day/8hours) 
Once you trim the Freetress to your desired length, this next part is tricky so be patient with yourself, you'r almost there! Pinching my roots, I wrapped the Marley hair twice around (three times maximum) so that my roots aren't too tight but it stays in place. From that point you just want to keep covering and wrapping all the hair you braided all the way down to about 1-3 inches from the extension, or your desired length; goddess locs are known for the curly tips of the extensions to be showing.

As for my budget, each pack of the above-mentioned hair were under $10 each, so I spent around $40 total for all the necessities. After care products depends on how long you'll have them in for. Stayed tuned for my Goddess Locs Kit post on everything you'd need to maintain them. Lastly, if you want to see how I styled mine, click here ! 

(Shoutout to Snapchat Memories for allowing me to document this ':)

 Let me know how yours come out or any questions on mine !