Blondie Kit

Weekly Routine:

Removes brassiness, lightens color and maintains blonde

Alternative to shampoo to cleanse hair and scalp without strippin away moisture. Helps with detangling and removes grit from product buildup; use bi-weekly.

All organic formula to smooth, detangle as well as restores moisture to the max! 

It's not named a miracle for no reason, use it to believe it; you're hair will feel amazing after 3 minutes.

When you need more moisture than your daily conditioner, deep conditioning revitalizes your hair bonds after a long week or from harsh winter and summer months.

Our hair is made of proteins so, outdoor elements + chemicals + treatments +time naturally strip away the building blocks*. Frequent protein treatments restore the necessary nutrients to strengthen hair bonds. 

*For more on hair anatomy, Curly Halo includes all the details you need to know !

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