New Transitioner Kit

  • Hair styling/trimming shears:

No commitment issues here, cut off damaged ends so split ends for good!

All organic formula to smooth, detangle as well as restores moisture to the max! 

It's not named a miracle for no reason, use it to believe it; you're hair will feel amazing after 3 minutes.

My favorite product ever to style my hair! Personally, with 3B/3C hair, creams and butters work best for me as they have some hold without being too heavy and weighing my curls down; some prefer cream and gel combos/leave-in, oil, cream combos etc.

Before you purchase, make sure to check out Shea Moisture's full collection and go according to your hair texture. Finding your perfect products for styling method will be your best friend along with all the protective styling you'll be doing :)

  • Silk scarf/pillowcase:

Reduces moisture absorption, remember moisture is your friend !

  • Wide tooth comb:

Low manipulation, always start detangling from ends and work your way to your roots.

  • Denman Brush (helps create definition until new growth)
  • Tangle Teezer (helps create definition until new growth)
  • Afropick
  • YouTube / Instagram

Research protective style tutorials: bantu knots, twistouts, three-strand twists, braids etc...

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