Professional Teeth Whitening From Home

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Smile Brilliant. All words and opinions are my own.

I've always been self-conscious about my smile growing up, and still am from time to time. As a blogger, I constantly have to overcome my fear, running around town to attend events, meetings or photoshoots. How excited was I when I was asked to collaborate with Smile Brilliant ?

Smile Brilliant is one of the only teeth whitening companies that offers 100% custom fit trays, and sends you all the necessary tools so you can whiten from the comfort of home ! In the past, I've tried whitening paste as well as DIY tricks, which were temporarily helpful. With the weather cooling down (sigh of relief) and all the tea/coffee dates that will be happening, this handy whitening kit will certainly be useful because if you know me, you know I LOVE tea !

The first step is to make your dental impressions with a timer on-hand, a bottle of water and napkins nearby! I mixed the base and the catalyst by folding them in half, as instructed until solid blue and immediately arrange it evenly on the tray, and into my teeth for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. As fun as I thought this would be (I mean, it is just like putty/Playdoh), I actually struggled a bit to get it right as the paste and catalyst quickly hardened when I tried recording myself. Luckily, they give you an extra set (3) for mistakes like mine. Once complete, I gently remove the imprint and let dry and start on my lower teeth; it must set for 30 minutes then run it under cold water before packing it in the pre-posted envelope. Easy-peasy!

I received my trays in about a week, and they fit perfectly ! I was able to start the whitening process as soon as I got them which was as simple as applying a ribbon of the whitening gel. Once you start, you want it on for at least 30 minutes, then increasing the time up to 3 hours as your teeth familiarize themselves with the product. Now, what if you have sensitive teeth? Not a worry! They've included 3 desensitizing gels to replenish minerals and reduce sensitivity after you use the whitening gel; this was my lifesaver as it also prevents re-staining. 

Whitening treatment sessions depend on your tooth sensitivity and the severity of stains: for average stains, your kit can be used daily for 4-7 days (1-3 hours per day) before all stains have been removed from the surface of their tooth's enamel; severe stains may require treatment up 10-14 days. I personally recommend using it every other day, or when you have an event; results will show in as little as 2 treatments...don't believe me? Check out my results below after 3-4 sessions !

Here's a couple of important FAQ on what you need to know before purchasing Smile Brilliant's kit. Also, for my favorite video review by Sarah Butler, click here

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