How to Beat the Summer Heat with Secret's Fresh Collection


June is right around the corner and we will officially be halfway through the year! I don’t know about you but summer has always been a major love/hate relationship for me, especially in New York City. There’s the lurking mosquitoes, insane humidity, and summer heat, but who has time to miss out on the hashtag-worthy cookouts, day parties, music festivals and impromptu beach trips?

Naturally, my hair and beauty routines reach their all time lows and it’s honestly okay. I love that I can get away with a dab of eyeliner, some nude lip gloss and one of my go-to items that I must have in my purse: my Secret Fresh deodorant in the Classic Cocoa Butter scent. 

Since my teenage years, I’ve been a fan of Secret deodorant and I’m so excited to be partnering with them for this exciting new launch. Did you know Secret is the only antiperspirant/deodorant designed and created specifically for women? Meet Secret’s latest addition: the Fresh Collection featuring its patented Fade Resistant Scent Technology, which helps smell your best throughout the course of the day.

This new technology helps combat nose-blindness. What exactly is nose blindness you may wonder? Imagine your favorite perfume, your favorite candle, or your morning cup of Earl Grey tea with warm notes of bergamot and rosehips. All of these things can eventually lose their scent as you become more and more exposed to them. Secret’s Fade Resistant Scent Technology provides long-lasting fragrance for up to 48 hours ! This means it’s the perfect product to beat those particularly warm nights and also to stay fresh and confident at those block parties.

Secret's new Fresh Collection is available in 11 scents. You can find them in solid form or clear gel from. With fragrances such as the new Cool Waterlily, Paris Rose, Va Va Vanilla, or Chill Ocean to name a few, there is a scent to please every nose! To view the entire collection and shop your favorite, click here.

Thank you Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.

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