amika x Bhumi Farms takeover

Super belated post but had to share this little weekend trip. I stopped by amika's Bhumi farm stand takeover a couple weekends ago in East Hamptons. As soon as we parked, I peeped their vibrant color schemes ! There was a hairstylist at the braiding bar and DIY summer kit featuring all amika products. Also, for those who are looking for an on-the-go styling salon, amika: styleblow is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hands down the prettiest salon I've been to decorated in neon lights and comfy seats (they serve wine!), staying true to the signature amika ambiance.

Funfact: Bhumi Farm is entirely donation based with nearly 80% of their produces harvested locally in Long Island and on site. They had a variety of delicious fruits (donut peaches, blueberry, peaches...), vegetables (kale, corn...) and even some sweets such as peach cobbler and chocolate chip cookies. 

Thank you for having me amika !